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Welcome to the Hexianju Qigong Centre

The name Hexianju( 鹤仙居)was carefully chosen. 鹤(he) represents "crane", the crane represents serenity, tranquillity with a  life free from strife. 仙( xian) is a celestial being who through practice obtains longevity. 居(ju) is a quiet place for living. So, Hexianju is a quiet place for healing and the promotion of longevity, through practising  qigong.                 

Hexianju Centre is located in Coconut Forest Bay ( shown in this stamp)  in the Wenchang district of  Hainan  province. The Centre is surrounded by the coconut forest of Hainan  Coconut Forest  Bay           

The coconut forest is vast and famous in China, and it is as beautiful as a painting. The air is very pure; it is warm in winter and more cool than the mainland of China in summer because it is near the sea. The Hainan people are very kind and friendly and greet all visitors who come from far away with a smile.  It's very safe to live here and a good place to relax and practice.

We say in Chinese, if the time, the place and the people are right, everything will succeed. Our surroundings along with our own work here have together developed a very harmonious and healing qifield.

Life in our Centre is just like being in a big family comprised of students from China and around the world.  Everyone is from different cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds, but they have gathered for the same purpose. We are working to enhance good health and long life; harmony and self-control; freedom and consciousness; in a welcoming environment providing equality for all. In this naturally formed qifield, which is full of harmony, happiness and vitality, it is easy for the guests to get along with each other. They learn from each other and help each other. People who spend time in our qifield find their body and mind changing effortlessly. 
The qifield is very effective with any type of illness. For example, one of our guests, named Pan JiaJi,  was suffering from a very serious inflammation of the kidney.  He practiced qigong for two months at the centre and after a physical examination in a hospital his kidney was declared normal.  Also many others have cleared their bodies of various types of illness. Recently one of the little daughters of a guest fell off a wall and broke her collarbone. Sent qi by the masters and students, the bone healed itself in two days. These are just a few examples.   Come and see for yourself.                                                                      
We  welcome you into our warm friendly qigong family.  You will discover that understanding how qigong works, together with your own practice, can heal almost any illness and provide you with a healthier and happier attitude and outlook towards life. It’s time to change your life. Come to learn qigong and experience the benefits of living in our healing qifield.   

 Office phone: 0086-898-63538129

Mobile phone: 0086-13976902160

Email:  baiyuchan999@163.com

Skype: jianshe99999


 Mr. Liu Jianshe
 Dongjiao Yelin Bay, Wenchang City
 Hainan province,  571334

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