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Welcome to our new home and International Qigong and Learning Centre!

We hope you will enjoy your retreat here and fully experience all that the  Coconut Forest Bay, Hexianju Centre, and the Qi-Field have to offer.

Below is some general information about your room and the Centre. We just finished
construction and opened to receive guests September of 2012 and we appreciate your
patience as we continue to improve the facilities & offerings and grow our centre and gardens.
We are learning about our new home everyday along with you, and appreciate your feedback
and suggestions. We will do our best to make your stay comfortable and memorable. May we
all be nourished and create Sunshine Mind together!
Have Questions?
If you should need anything or would like information that is not included below or your group
leader does not know the answer or where to find something, you can ask Zouping in Room 8021

Your Room:

1. Internet Access: There are ethernet outlets in each room as well as wireless Internet
(WIFI). The password for ‘hexianju’ is 12345678

2. Main Electric Switch: The first switch as you enter your room is the “Main” that turns on
and off all power in the room. This must be ON for your lights and AC to work. There are
individual switches on the wall for reading lamp, lights, and kettle. If something is not
working check to see that this is on.

3. Air Con: All rooms will have a remote for this. AC is quite expensive here so please do
not leave on while outside of the rooms, as the rooms cool down quite quickly. Please turn
off lights when leaving as well. It usually cools down in the evening so air flow through
screens may be cool enough. If using AC a higher setting during the night (26-29) with the
fan off or on low is good.
Opening the windows when there is a breeze or using screens also an option. If doing this remember
that mosquitos tend to visit in the late afetrnoon just before dusk and in the early morning hours so be
sure to close open windows at these times (screen use ok).

4. Showers: These are located in your water-proof bathroom. After showering you can either
use a mop from your floor (in the corner of hall) or can use your small towel to dry the

5. Cleaning of the rooms: There is no daily maid service. Everyone will be given a cleaning
cloth for their bathroom and there will be cleanser, mops, brooms, etc available on your
floor (see floor helpers-- Caroline on 2nd floor and Maryna on 3rd).

6. Laundry: Baskets will be in the hall of both floors for your laundry. There is only cold water
for washing. Clothes will be washed by the housekeeper and hung on the lines on the roof
to dry. You can fetch them up there. You will know they are drying if the basket is empty! If
you prefer to wash your own clothes by hand, please do so in your basin or request a
plastic bin and use the wall faucet in your bathroom.

7. Coffee/Tea/Drinking Water: Boiled water is suitable for drinking or liters and smaller
bottles of water can be purchased in the village shops nearby. Coffee, green tea and
coconut powder (pure- no additives or sugar--can be used as creamer) can be found in the
dining room along with glasses and boiled water in thermos. You can purchase these items
for your room in Dong Jiao (20 minute bike or 5 minute bus ride).

8. All rooms should have a tea kettle, cups, desk, bath towel, and bedding. If you would like
anything or need anything in addition please let us know. If your kettle does not work check
on of the switches on the wall.


Meal times: A bell will sound at mealtimes. Breakfast starts at 8:00am, Lunch at 12noon
and Dinner at 6:00pm. Meals are served ‘family style’ and everyone will be given bowls,
chopsticks and a spoon. A washtowel will be provided and you can wash your bowls outside
and place in the cabinet in the dining room.


Students are encouraged to attend as many practices as possible, and to also be mindful of the need to balance practice and learning with rest. Remember to listen to and
honor your body and give yourself time to relax and integrate.


SHOES: Please leave outdoor shoes outside of the Practice Room. Indoor slippers are fine.

RUBBISH: There are two large rubbish containers outside the front gate to the left.

RECYCLING: Plastic bottles and cans are recyclable and can be left in the storage space next
to the laundry area where the bicycles are. anywhere there is fine.


Our septic system will do better without sand in it, so please do not rinse you feet in the
washing sink or in your bathroom shower. Please use the hose outside.

Exploring the coconut forest. beaches, Yelin Bay and surrounding villages:

We are so fortunate to have this pristine location in which to learn and practice Qigong!
There are many options for spending time in nature as well as exploring the local culture and
attractions. Most are just a short walk or bike ride away. There is also affordable public
transport ‘tuk tuk’ bus (like a tractor with benches), larger green public bus, and motorbike.

There are 12 bicycles available and all have locks. It is customary for drivers to ‘honk their
horn’ upon approaching you as a warning that they are passing. Be sure to ride with the flow
of traffic. While walking or cycling you may be ‘starred at’ but a smile and ‘Nihao’ generally
turns this into a smile and a wave!

The local people are very friendly and honest (they do not overcharge tourists at the market or
shops so fruit, etc is quite cheap). They are helpful but generally do not speak English.
Please ask Zouping to write in Chinese characters the name of the village where the Centre is,
Dong Jiao for shopping, and the seaside area (Prima Resort) in case you are taking public
transport. Be prepared before you leave the Centre. Zouping’s cell is 1387-631-3982
Jianshe’s is 1397-690-2160

Students who are currently staying at the Centre will be able to offer suggestions for good
routes to the beach or directions to villages for shopping. It is a 10 minute bike or 20 minute
walk to the closest beach (Prima Resort and beach shops), a 20 minute bike to Dong Jong, a
20 minute bike through the coconut forest** to more remote beaches for swimming and body
surfing and a 1 minute walk to the nearby village shops and farmers market.
** give yourself some time when exploring the coconut forest routes as there are endless paths
that generally end up in the same place or back to a concrete path that leads to a central area.
Still, it is easy to get turned-around or lost. Carry information with you of the name of our
village in Chinese Characters.

To purchase personal items:

toiletries-- shampoo, soap, toothpaste and brushes at nearby village. Cream rinse, deodarant
and more specific items found in Dong Jian (bus or 20 min. bike)
bottled water-- 3 yuan for large liter bottles at one store nearby on the main at the road on the
right if facing the ocean direction.
snacks, drinks, etc-- nearby village and Dong Jian
fresh fruits and vegetables-- nearby village market- Daily 2-5pm
coffee, tea, sugar, coconut powder (for creamer)- likely best to find in Dong Jiao


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