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My name is Liu Jianshe, I was born in China in 1960 and have experienced some extraordinary events in my personal life such as Ten  years of Cultural Revolution,  College entrance examination in 1977; Reform and Opening-up in 1978; Tide of going abroad and so on. 

I have always been academically at the top of my class. When I sat for the College entrance examination in 1977, there were more than 200 of us. I was the only one who was successful in the exam, at the same time I had also suffered a lot from my physical problems.

Zhineng Qigong found me in November of 1989 in Beijing while I was in the worst situation of my life: I had lost my job, money, health and had nothing at all.

During the first day of practice in the park with a group I entered into a state of contentment that lasted for nearly one month. I practiced every morning in the park after that. 

Naturally one’s heart could be totally open when one has nothing at all. At the same time, one can see the beauty; the truth of oneself.

I attended Doctor Ming Pang's centre ( It's called Huaxia Centre) for three months. There I enrolled in the teacher’s training course from June 1st to September 1st in 1991. I was chosen to be a teacher 3 months later.

My opinion about healing has totally changed after seeing so many people healed by practicing only Qigong; even if they were totally hopeless and in the hospital. I interviewed some of them and they mostly agreed: Just practice from your heart...

I saw some less successful healings as well and the reasons were almost the same inversely: their inner power was not lit; they relied upon masters and always tried to find power from outside.

I enjoyed the lifestyle in the center deeply: all of us were equal no matter where one was from and no matter what kind of background one had. People competed to be of pure heart; to doubt less, to make their egos smaller and their heart bigger. 

I have found that it is possible to make Qigong into a sort of religion - something separate from oneself- this happens when people only follow their masters and forget to follow their own heart. 

I worked at Huaxia Center three times : from September of 1991 to November of 1992; April of 1995 to January of 1996;  I worked on children’s retreats between July of 1999 to August of 1999 in Huaxia Centre, I received more benefits from offering the children’s retreats. The children's hearts are pure, they can still see the truth. 

I opened my own qigong center with my team on Hainan Island in December of 2003. We landed on the island with our luggage only. We didn't know anyone on the island, and we didn't know where we should live. We followed our intuition and totally trusted our choice. And now we live at our own center, It is facing the lake and is surrounded by a coconut palm forest: http://www.hexju.com/gs_detail.asp?id=500516&nowmenuid=500304&previd=500305


I believe that all of us can achieve our wishes!


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