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                                 Bone broken is easy to heal

Around Chinese New Year 1992, I went back to my home town of Hebei City from the Huaxia Centre. Because I was the only person from my city working in the Centre I was made very welcome by all Zhineng Qigong pracititioners. I felt like a movie star amongst these qigong lovers! I was very busy: every morning and evening I led their practice; they took turns inviting me to dinner; they were interested in everything to do with the Centre. Qigong was very popular at the time.  

People believed I had great power to cure illness. After practice many people asked me to send qi to them. In fact, most of them had practised qigong longer and harder than me!

One day after morning practice Mr Xu Tingshu, the leader of the group, invited me to have breakfast with him at his house. He was so keen that I couldn't refuse him. While we ate he told me of a woman called Huang Qingju who had fallen from a truck ten days before and fractured her lumbar vertebra, and asked me if I could help her. Huang had been working at the same unit as Xu. 
I promised without hesitation. I had heard Pang Laoshi say in a lecture that fractures were the easiest of all things to heal with qigong. I had no previous experience of healing a fracture but I am always keen to give things a go. 
Straight after breakfast we went by bicycle to Huang's house. It was nearly New  Year and every household had greetings in red writing on the door. Snowflakes floated from the sky and it was very cold. 
When we arrived at her house and went into her room, I found that she was lying on the bed. She was unable to move by herself at all and had to be helped by others with everything.
 I drank a glass of hot tea to warm my body and relax. Mr Xu was beside her bed and he introduced me to her. He said that I was a Zhineng Qigong Master and had just come from the (Huaxia) Centre. He told her how capable I was and experienced in treating fractures. I felt as though he was introducing someone else, not me, but I didn't contradict what he said, just listened quietly.
After this introduction it was my turn! I too sat beside her bed, smiling. I felt from her eyes that she trusted me deeply. I explained that qigong was very different from both Western medicine and Chinese medicine, that qigong healing was very simple and effective, and that fractures are the easiest of all things to heal with qigong.  
I stood up to start to send qi to her and told her how to move. She followed my words and began to get up. I was confident it would succeed. 
Suddenly the door opened and her daugher came in. She started to cry out:  Mum, what are you..... Without waiting for her to finish speaking, Xu pushed her out the door.
Fortunately Huang didn't take any notice of what her daughter was saying but continued to follow my instruction to get up slowly. I felt I had completely mastered the situation and told her to sit up, to stand up, to squat and then stand up. In a very short time we had success! 
The news rapidly spread amongst qigong friends....
For myself I still found it hard to believe, until she showed me the x-ray taken at the hospital immediately following her accident. This showed the fracture and dispelled my doubts.
I thank Xu and Huang. All is inter-connected in qigong healing, and without Xu's introduction to Huang and Huang's trust in me, my healing could not have been successful.

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