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                 Only good information

 A famous doctor called Zhang Wen had a very high qigong level, but when I visited him I found many of his family were often ill. He asked me why it was, when he practised qigong well and helped many people, that his family suffered from many problems. What I could see was that he carried a lot of negative information in his mind and worried a lot about things; although he practiced qigong very hard the information in his mind hadn't changed. This meant that he was successful in his worrying: the power of his mind meant that when he worried about things he sent bad qi and bad information to his family. ( gather a bad qifield in his home)

He had grown up in very difficult circumstances. His mother died when he was only five and his father re-married. His step-mother treated him very badly and he had to beg on the streets. Thanks to his strong will and ability, he studied very hard and eventually became a doctor, but he carried with him a lot of the bad inforomation from his childhood.

What we can learn from this story is that we should not worry about anything. When we practice qigong we should only have good information in our mind. The Zhineng Qigong slogan "hunyuan ling tong" (hunyuan qi creates miracles) depends on our mind: hunyuan qi is effective, so when we think good things our mind will be effective and when we think bad things it will also be effective! So we have to change the information in our minds, to bring good things to ourselves and those around us.        


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