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                      luck comes from good information

 In May 1999, I was taking part in a forty-day class at Huaxia to develop people's potential, i.e. speical abilities. Halfway through the class I received a phonecall from my niece, wanting me to take part in celebrations for my mother's 80th birthday. I left the class and prepared to go to my home town.
When I left the Centre I was feeling very happy because I had learnt a lot from the class. The experiments included twisting spoons, cracking an egg then sending qi to restore it to its original state, reading while blindfolded, stopping clocks and restarting them again. I was elated to think that Teacher Pang's theories were true and happy I had chosen Zhineng Qigong for my life path, because I felt this was good for people and led to harmony. Although I had practised qigong for ten years, I was the most excited I had ever been, the most in harmony within myself. So I took a lot of good information with me when I left the Centre.
When I got onto the bus to go to the train station, I felt everyone was so beautiful and kind and I wanted to smile to them all. I knew I needed to change buses to get to the train station, but when the bus emptied and I prepared to get off, the driver said he would take me to the train station on his way home. This is most unusual in China.
When I went to buy my ticket at the train station, I found there was only one train the stopped at my home town, leaving at 10:00pm. The train went from Harbin to Wuhan, and took about ten hours to get to my stop . The train was extremely crowded as many peasants, who worked part of the year in the city, were returning home to harvest their wheat. There were no seats and no room to sit down; people were crammed into the compartments and even on the baggage racks. I prepared myself to stand and repeat the eight phrases throughout the night, to help me cope. In spite of all this, my mind was still clear and positive and I saw it as an opportunity to practice my qigong.
Half an hour into the journey a person on a seat near me said to me: younger brother, you are lucky, I have a sleeper so you can sit in this seat. Others stared at me as I sat there and thought of my qigong.
Next morning I got off and got onto a bus. As I went to buy the ticket the driver asked me whether I was Liu Ye's uncle and I said "yes I am". He asked if I remembered him and I said no. He said that he knew me and his wife had been my niece's classmate, so I would travel free (he owned the bus himself). I wanted to pay but he refused.
I was very happy with my trip home. All the people I met were so kind to me. When your information changes you needn't worry about anything; if your mind and body are full of good information you will be lucky in everything you do.

This story reminds me of another person whom I knew at Huaxia, called Zhao Chun Sing (whose story is in Luke Chan's book on p.72). I had a conversation with him about his experiences with qigong. I asked him to summarise his history in qigong and the martial arts. He said only four words: "feng xiong hua ji" which means "disaster can change into a good thing".

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