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kind and pure minds receive information better

In 2001 I had a student named Li Gen who was 67 when he began practicing qigong. He was very kind and handsome whereas his wife was not good looking. He was a government official whereas his wife was retired but with little income, having had little education. Contrary to most men in this position, he treated his wife very well because he said she had worked hard bringing up their three children and done a lot for his family.
He had diabetes. After only twenty days practising qigong, hospital tests showed his diabetes had gone.
I found him to be a special student in that, although he had received a lot of information from his work in government that generally led such people to doubt the efficacy of qigong, he had total faith in what I said. He took part in the children's class I was also taking at the time and sent his grand daughter to it. One day the qifield was very strong and effective and every child was able to see cards with their eyes covered. He asked whether he could try, and he was successful too, which is very unusual for an adult. This was because his mind was very pure, like a child's.
I wanted to know why he improved so rapidly and I talked with him about his history. His two older sisters had died before he was born, so he was very well treated as a child. His father's brothers had no boys, so he was seen as belonging to three families. If his uncles' families had good food, there was always some for him; he also received a lot of good information and love. His name Liu Gen meant 'the remaining root' (for his family). When he grew up he treated others as he had been treated and was kind from the inside. This meant it was easy for him to receive qigong information, with his pure, quiet and kind mind.
I have found that information is very important for people. For people like him it is easy to believe good things. Teacher Pang often said "han yang dao de", meaning that your mind should be kind and honest. Changing our mind is the first requirement of qigong.

More pure, more effective

In 1994, teaching qigong in the countryside in Hebei Province, I was invited by a well known doctor to teach qigong in his home town along with another qigong teacher called Ji Guang. We worked together very well .
The usual thing in the countryside was to broadcast Teacher Pang's qigong song and a lecture by him from the Communist Party speaker in the middle of the village, and let people know we would form a qifield the next day. At 9:00 the next morning there were many people gathered in the centre of the village. We began to make a qifield, then students came to ask to take part in our two week course. This was just after Chinese New Year when people in the countryside in the north of China have a lot of free time.
That night I had dinner with one of the village leaders. During dinner an angry-looking man came in and said that since his son had taken part in the qifield his tongue was poking out and he couldn't draw it back into his mouth. They had taken him to a local healer, who had said this was a punishment for taking part in the qigong class and he could not help. So they had some to see us and demand we help.
I asked about his son's history and learnt that his son had some psychological problem which country folk believe comes from ghosts: his son was afraid to meet others and  isolated himself from society. He had spent time in a mental hospital which had been a very bad experience for him. That explained to me why his son had developed this problem. Most unusually for him, his son had joined in the crowd at the front of the group that morning. This meant he had received a lot of qi. His mind was very empty because of not dealing with other people, and he was very sensitive, so he had a strong reaction.
The father took us to his home where I spoke with him and his wife. I explained this was a good thing and that it meant their son could easily receive qi, so they shouldn't worry about it. We sent qi to the son, who responded very well once his parents had relaxed about the situation. The son's tongue gradually went back into his mouth.
Classes began the following day with about thirty people taking part. The son was there and was like a different person, enjoying being with others. After a few days his parents decided to show a movie to the local people to celebrate the change in their son. Before the movie began their son spoke to waiting people, something he had not ever done before.
I wrote an article about this incident for a qigong meeting I attended in 1995 in Qin Huang Dao Qigong Centre and still remember it very clearly.





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