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Dear Friends.
I am Jianshe Liu,
I would like to share my qigong stories with you; the stories are mostly from my own experience. Through them you can understand what qigong is and how effective it is !
 In fact , the qifield is more effective today than it was at the time the Huaxia Centre opened. Some people think numbers are important for qigong, but a higher quality of qifield is more important. People who persevere with qigong understand it better and behave in accordance with it more than in the past, and so the qifield improves all the time.
For example, when I taught children to see cards with their eyes blindfolded, in the Centre in July 1999, at least seven days were needed for the children to begin to be successful, but now one day is enough. Because the human consciousness can impart information from one person to another, as soon as one person masters something it is easy for many others to do the same. So access to the internet means that it is easy for people to achieve understanding compared with in the past.



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