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                                        believe in yourself
I remember a girl who had graduated in Japanese from a famous university and who had cancer in her head in a place where an operation was not possible. At first she practiced qigong very well and recovered rapidly. She could sing beautiful English songs and she was very beautiful. This was near the end of 1991. But when I met her again in July 1992, when she became a patient of mine, her cancer had returned and she was in a worse state than before. I asked her father why she had not remained well and he then told me that when she returned to her home that year she was very happy and believed herself completely recovered. Her cousin worked in a famous hospital there as a radiographer and wanted her to have a check-up. They saw there was still a small cancerous growth in the brain. Once the girl found this out, she became very distressed. The disappointment meant that her cancer rapidly worsened again. On her return to Huaxia she continued to deteriorate, because deep in her mind her will power had been destroyed.
This is true for many cancer patients. Often it is prefereable for them not to check on the state of their cancer; with qigong healing, while cancer may still show up on the machine, in fact the person may be continuing to recover.
If you believe in qigong and believe in yourself, your own feeling is right; you needed depend on what the hospital says.
Last year at Hexianju, a beautiful woman came to our Centre. She had been operated for cancer of the pancreas and then learnt qigong at Cheng Du City. She practised qigong well and felt that she was improving, but after a month there went for a check-up at the hospital which showed worse cancer than prior to her operation. She asked some qigong teachers why this was the case, given that she had practiced well and felt qigong was working for her. The teacher told her that this was a good thing: the cancer looked big because it had changed from being very dense to being a spread-out state. She believed this teacher and with her mind strengthen she gradually got better. She came to Hexianju shortly after this, and at first her cancer was at times quite painful. But because she believed in herself, she improved during her three months here until she felt well enough to return to her job as a singing teacher. 


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