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how to get well 

In 1996 I visited my home town after a long absense. On the way from
Changsha to Beijing, when the train was near my home town, I made a sudden decision to get off the train.
I was welcomed by the locals because they were proud of my success as a qigong teacher. While talking with friends and locals I said that it was easy for  me to heal bones and they told me of a woman who had broken her back and was unable to move from the kang. The accident had happened when her husband was driving a small tractor cutting wheat and the woman was seated on top of a tall pile of wheat in the trailer behind. The husband wasn't paying attention and the woman fell, landing seated and breaking her back. When the husband got home he found his wife was no longer on the trailer.
This had happened two months before. The villagers led me to her home. She couldn't stand up, only shuffle around with her hands taking her weight along the kang. I asked her whether she wanted to get better at once and she said yes, that's my dream, it is terrible stuck in this room and unable to go anywhere. I said, okay, stand up and follow me now and we'll go into the street. So she followed me out of the room onto the street. Many people saw her, like a television advertisement. She was walking normally though slowly.
The news spread through the whole village. When I went to my room that night many people crowded around outside, with many patients seeking help. There were cancer patients, someone else with a broken back, all kinds of illness. They thought I was a god!
Out of that I decided it was time to start a qigong class. I explained that bones were easy to heal but that people with cancer and some other illnesses needed to practice qigong because they needed to clear out the information related to their illness. So many people registered to take part, including Bai Quan Hai who now works at Hexianju.
Broken bones are easy to mend because the information is different from other illness - there is no bad information linked to the broken bone and the person is able to forget about it. On the other hand, when a bone has been broken for a long time it is less likely to get better immediately, as bad information has built up. Any illness can recover if the person can forget about it; people can achieve this by only focussing on good information.
That is why Teacher Pang told people to constantly repeat the eight phrases, to say Hunyuan ling tong, and to think of the blue sky. You can choose your own words to fill your qigong practice with good information about your own health. And when you are not practicing, fill your life with the same good information. The more you can concentrate on this, the more successful you will be in every way.

发布时间:2007年2月14日 16时55分


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