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                                                my qigong reaction

In 1995 when I was teaching qigong in the Shi Jia Zhuang branch of Huaxia, on 7 December Teacher Pang visited and gave a lecture. Afterwards he gathered the teachers together for a meeting, but I didn't know where the meeting was taking place and couldn't find the people. Someone said they were on the second floor and Teacher Pang was chatting with them. I was late, so I ran quickly up and rushed into the room, not wanting to lose any information from Teacher Pang. Everyone was silent, with Teacher Pang and the Head of Shi Jia Zhuang talking together. When I rushed in everyone stared at me, including Teacher Pang.
I chose a chair and sat down. I thought this was a great opportunity to ask questions, but all the other teachers were sitting quietly in a qigong state. After a while I thought I mustn't waste this opportunity, because Teacher Pang only visited once every two months. So I collected my qi (gu qi yong qi) to be brave enough to speak. I said to Teacher Pang, 'may I ask you some questions?' He said 'certainly you may'.
My first question was 'what do you think about Ke Yun Lu?, a writer who was famous at that time as he had visited many qigong Masters and written a lot about qigong. Teacher Pang said 'all of his books are wrong!'. I said, 'I like his books'. Teacher Pang said, 'his errors come from a wrong foundation, his writing is wrong from the roots'.
I then asked what was the value of the classes Huaxia Centre had started up to develop people's ability; I asked what was the use of these various experiments, which there was a lot of focus on at that time. Teacher Pang said that they were needed by society at this time.
After this I felt uncomfortable asking more questions, as no-one else was asking anything. I also sat in silent meditation and no more questions were asked. When the meeting finished the people left until I left at the end. Each person was given an 'information' apple, and as I left I saw there was an orange as well and asked if I could take both.
That afternoon and evening I was working, teaching qigong and talking with my students. Between 8:00 and 9:00pm I went around each room asking if anyone needed anything as I was the person responsible for them. Everything seemed as usual, but on the way to my own room I began to feel strange. The walk only took two or three minutes but as I walked I began to feel very uncomfortable. I hurried so I could do some practice to help myself feel better. But as I reached my room I felt unable to stand and my forehead was burning.
I was fortunate that the teacher whom I shared a room with had returned home that day, because I had extreme fever, vomiting and diarrhoea for four hours. I felt as though I was near death. Suddenly I thought: no-one else can help me, when I die no-one can save me.
I came to understand a lot of things through this experience. I had been very sensitive and often worried about things, such as what my friends thought of me, but after this reaction I never worried about such things again.
The next morning I could scarcely walk, but I knew I had improved my inside. I felt happy because I knew I had received a lot of information and had cleansed my mind and body. Because no-one else had dared speak, when I asked my questions everyone was strongly focussed on me, and I received a lot of information from the other teachers as well as from Teacher Pang. That was what had caused such a strong reaction.
Teacher Pang said that the braver one is the higher one's qigong level will become. I had to be very brave to ask my questions!
From this I clearly understood that qigong is information, and information has qi and is energy. 
When the Head of Shi Jia Zhuang advised me to go to hospital for treatment, I said I would soon recover and didn't need to go. Inside I was very happy about the reaction, but others couldn't believe that I had been so well and become so ill only through a reaction.

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