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Feng shui

Feng shui is the qifield and the xin xi or information it contains. Information merges together in ways that can be good for health or bad for it. When people practice qigong well and become more sensitive, they can sense for themselves what is healthy and what is not. So Teacher Pang said that every qigong practitioner could become a feng shui Master.
In your room, if everything is scattered around in a mess, this is not good feng shui. If people live like this for a long time, they will become unwell. Some places have good natural feng shui and information, but because the people living there are always in conflict the feng shui is actually not good. Natural feng shui may not be good, but people can use their mind to gather good information together and change the feng shui.
You cannot only depend on books when looking at feng shui, and must also look at people's information. Some places have excellent feng shui information, but some people still feel uncomfortable and dislike the place. This is because the information in their mind is not suited to that good place. It may be that their own information is not very healthy, or it may be simply that their information and the feng shui of the place do not fit together well.
In this time of the internet, information and our mind have become more important in feng shui. This is because people are now more intelligent and hold more information in their minds, so information affects our lives more than in the past.
In China there are a lot of clairvoyants and many of them suffer from problems related to feng shui and bad information. They and their families often have accidents, health problems and other troubles. People generally go to them because they are worried or have problems, and they carry bad information with them which remains. We say 'shan cha yuan yu bu xiang', meaning that those who can fish (see) deep always suffer from disaster.
If we develop our natural ability and know feng shui ourselves, we should not use this as a means of making money. We can help others through our knowledge but it is not good for us to use special abilities as a way of making money, and if we do then in the long term this will be harmful to us and our families.

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