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information influences who we are

 Different information makes us into different people with different life paths. The kind of information you receive creates the person you become.
One of my army comrades was called Feng Jun Sheng. He was very sensitive and kind. He was very healthy and strong because he grew up in the countryside. I visited once after we left the army. Because I had now learnt qigong, I could feel the information in his house was not good. Everything was in a mess and I could feel the feng shui was not good. He and his wife only knew how to work int he fields and were not good at managing their home.
When I returned at a later date, he had begun to have fits. I visited a number of times, each time helping him improve the information in his house and garden. I suggested he change his second house because the two were not harmonious. It is important for there to be a distinction betweent he main and the secondary house, and this was not the case.
He felt unable to make changes as he was very poor, but he believed what I said. So I taught him qigong, sent him books and qigong tapes, and his health improved from then on.
However, because he lived in a backward area, no people believed in qigong and the information and qifield surrounding him were not good, including that his wife didn't believe in qigong. Gradually the qigong information reduced in his life and he began to have problems with his left shoulder, unable to raise his arm properly. He went to the doctor who told him it was serious problem and that his leg was also likely to be affected.
When he went to return home, he was unable to ride his bicycle. The bad information had an immediate effect on his body!
From this story we can know that whatever information we receive and believe influences the person we become. This story reminds me of something teacher Pang said: don't concentrate on the feeling when I do 'guan ding' (send information), just think that I am sending all Zhineng Qigong information into you, so you also can do as I do.
In my opinion, when you really receive information, you are a new person, because when Zhineng Qigong information grows deeply in your mind you can do anything. Every marvelous thing in the qifield can also happen with you. You will have the courage to do everything because when qigong information is very strong you are not just yourself, you are linked to all qigong information and can use the qifield to do anything. But many qigong students don't really receive information: they only think, oh I feel wonderful!


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