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a stable mind

 In July 1999 I taught a children's class with Ji Yulian and Zhu Juhua, both of them graduates of the two year training course. There were 42 children in the class, aged seven to fifteen years old.  They came all over China. We three teachers worked together very well. We respected each other; I felt Ji's qigong level was higher than mine but she felt that mine was higher. Ji and Zhu were like sisters, so in our class the qifield was very harmonious. This led to our class being very successful: by the end of it almost every child had developed their potential. When the Centre gathered the children's parents together to decide which class had best succeeded, many of the parents chose our class. I think that success came from the qifield. Ji practised qigong very hard and well; she could do Damabu for three hours because her mind was so pure and more focussed inside than others. She treated the children very well, very quiet and patient and never sending bad information. She also led the children to practice qigong very hard. I thought she had 'ding li' as described by Teacher Pang: when people asked him the higher purpose of Zhineng Qigong, he said it is to teach your mind to be more stable, not only more quiet. She always seemed very relaxed and never in a hurry, but her mind was very strong and stable and therefore everything flowed well in class.
Teacher Zhu was also very kind, though with more traditional ideas, and worked well with us both. The day before the class ended there was a meeting for the graduating students to discuss which positions they should apply for. That morning Ji's mind was unsettled and the class also became unstable. From this it was clear that the stability of her mind was very important for the children's success.

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