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                               Adventure at Zushan Mountain
                                      Yuan Zheng Bo

It was April 1999, a sunny and breezy spring day, and our teacher had organised a trip to Zushan Mountain for the thirty students about to graduate from the 1997 in take of the two-year teacher training course. Everyone was very happy to be part of the trip; it was special for us because we had not had a holiday in several months of very intense and focussed qigong study. 

Zushan Mountain is in northern China, 50 kilometres from the Huaxia Qigong Centre, with rich vegetation and many wild flowers. The bus left for the mountain straight after breakfast. As soon as it arrived at the top of the mountain we all totally immersed ourselves in the beautiful view. We spent some hours walking, picnicing and relaxing in the magnificent landscape. Like all happy times, the day passed quickly and we began our return in time to reach the centre before evening came. 

There was much excited and happy conversation as we travelled down the windy mountain road. Suddenly I noticed and could feel that for some reason the bus was going faster and faster. I looked forward and saw the bus was weaving on the road like a wild horse; it was clear something had gone wrong. Immediately 'hunyuan ling tong' came into my mind. Everyone on the bus was totally quiet and you could have heard a pin drop. I could feel the information of hunyuan ling tong filling the bus as all our minds unified.

The driver was trying to maintain control of the bus as we zoomed down the road. On one side of the road was the rocky hillside, on the other was a steep drop to the valley below. I could feel that the driver was also very calm and was doing his best to maintain control of the bus, but he was rapidly losing control and the bus veered towards the road edge. The front left wheel and the front of the bus went over the edge and the driver jerked the steering wheel to the right to keep the bus on the road. Then the front of the bus was back on the road but the back of it started to swing around and go off the road. Then the bus magically rolled slowly onto its left side and came to a halt about two seconds later.

Half the bus was now on the road while the other half hung out over the edge. A student in the back fell out his window and landed completely unhurt on a sandy embankment about two metres below. We removed a window from the right side of the bus, now above our heads, and everyone climbed out. Amazingly only one person was a little hurt, a girl student who had been meditating in the full lotus position and hurt her tailbone a little when she slid off her seat to the floor. Many students were in a state of shock, realising they had survived a potentially deadly event.

It transpired that the accident was due to brake failure. People couldn't believe that everyone was fine and that not one window on the bus had broken. Given the dangerous topography, this seemed inexplicable. However those who understand qigong know that hunyuan ling tong has effects beyond the ordinary laws of nature and that provides the explanation.

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