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It happened one  day In  November 1991, Pang Laoshi decided to move Huaxia centre to Qinhuangdao from ShijiaZhuang City, I  had been  a teacher in the  Recovery department in Huaxia for 3 months at that time. All the  teachers in the Recovery department  were asked to work in Pang's house to pack up books and furniture,  and then load  them into the truck. At lunch time  all the  teachers went out  to find a  restaurant for lunch, I followed the  other teachers to go out of Pang's house, but an idea suddenly came to  me when I was almost out of Pang's house: why shouldn't I have my lunch in Pang's house?  I knew Pang and his wife were not in the house. Also their chef was my qigong classmate, I knew her very well,  so I asked her whether I could have lunch with her,  and she was happy about my idea.
I  totally forgot what kind of lunch I had that day. In fact my purpose was not  lunch, I wanted to discover the  secret why Teacher Pang was so wonderful,  and what kind of books he read. So as soon as we finished  lunch I at once went to his study room and started looking.
So many books  everythere in his study ! there was a ping pong table( table tennis) in the middle of his study, There were lots of books on it,  There were so many books that I didn't know which book I shoud start with. I knew I had no little  time in the study, I had to do it fast! 
 I wantde to copy   some sentences from  his books, I was so concentrated on doing  that I  totally forgot the time, Suddenly I felt some one behind me, It was  Pang's wife, I was so ashamed that I  immidiately hurried  from the room.
The first sentence I copied was " People should treat themselves as the best person in the world, Never look down on yourself'". but I didn't discover  who was the writer of this  sentence.
As I practiced qigong longer and listened Pang's lectures more, I found that all of his teachings  explained this sentence in different ways.
The sentence was planted deeply in  my mind, It's like a secret of Zhineng  Qigong and it  led me to teach and do qigong healing.......
I decided to set up  my own centre after Teacher  Pang's centre was closed in 1999, I met my team in the early of 2003 and decided to go to  Hainan island to   open  our centre. and  we started to teach qigong in our centre and other places in 2004.
In the May of 2004, Zou Ping ( another teacher in the centre) and I were invited to teach in Shenzhen city which is very close to HK, During the teaching  one of the  students invited us to have dinner in his home, We stayed his study  for a rest before dinner was  prepared, Zou Ping was enjoying  the photo album , I took a qigong magazine from the bookcase, The first sentence  which I read was the  same   the sentence which I had  copied fromTeacher  Pang's room!  It was a deep shock.
The writer was  Bai Yuchan, a famous Daoist Master in Chinese ancient  history,  Teacher Pang respected him very much.
More surprised It was that  Bai also came from Hainan! he was called' The first Hainan culture famous person'.
I found Bai Yuchan's temple not far away from our centre in Oct 2009 last year!


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