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                          Qigong give people a new life

I was in the Huaxia Center qigong teacher training in Shijazhuang City, China from June5-September 5, 1991.  In our last month we practiced sending qi to the students: all of us, students or patients were called students.  At that time, there were two departments at the Huaxia Center:  the Training Department for learning how to become a Qigong teacher and the Recovery Department for healing people through qigong.
In mid August when we were learning how to send qi to others, there was a young student  named Guo Min, a 37 year old boy from the countryside of Shanxi province.  He was quite ill with liver cancer; in fact his doctor from Shijazhuang Hospital had told his family that the cancer had progressed to the point were the tumor was too large to operate.  In other words, it was too late for him!  Guo Min heard about the Huaxia Center since it was in the same city as the hospital, so he came to us for help.  He was typical of many who come.  Normally people dont trust qigong for their healing at the beginning of their illnesses, but only much later on, when modern medicine can no longer help them or gives them little hope for cure.  Then they turn to qigong!
One afternoon, while Guo Min lay quite ill in bed, our teacher led us to send qi to him.We all formed a circle and sent qi through our hands.  Actually I didnt really feel the qi, but just trusted and followed my teachers lead.  Guo's face was pale, with so little life force left that he looked nearly dead.  I did not believe he could be saved and felt very sad because he was so young.
I then became a teacher in the recovery department at the beginning of September 1991.Just yesterday I had been a student, and now suddenly I was a teacher!  It was a very different experience to be teaching out in society.  I had to very quickly learn everything by myself.
Opening ceremonies were held at the Center on the fifth day of each month.  First the experienced students who had been at the center shared their experiences in order to inspire the new students to trust qigong, then teacher Pang gave a speech about qigong.
There were three rows for each class and I sat in the front row of my class.  I closed my eyes to listen to the speeches and heard the moderator say,"Next, Guo Min."
I quickly opened my eyes and was totally shocked to see him alive and well, walking with vigorous strides to the stage!  I totally forgot the speech he gave, but the idea that Qigong can give people a new life became firmly rooted in my mind.
I met Guo MIng again in December 1994 when I was part of a meeting of Qigong focalizers.  He was the representative for Shanxi province, I was the representative for Henan province.  I still remember the word "TRUST" repeated often in his sentences, which, to this day, remains an important part of my Qigong practice, teaching and life.


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