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                                                 YIYUANTI – The truth of ourselves.

KeywordYIYUANTI :  is an unique state that is formed by special hunyuan qi of the brain cells merges together; Yiyuant merges heaven and earth with no beginning and no ending; It’s like a mirror with thousands faces, it reflects ​heaven, earth and oneself;  Yiyuanti contains the complete information of the universe, including human life. It receives and reflects the world, and is able to integrate, analyze, store, retrieve, and send information.

Eng : a musical note, in China, when one calls your name, we reply ‘eng’, this is similar to the English word ‘YEAH’ . eng is indistinguishable that is it does not have positive or negative meaning.

Eng,Pronouncing  silently of the sound ‘eng’ with quietness in the heart

Then YIYUANTI will reveal itself

It can  sublime YiYUANTI  into a pure state

Because the sound of eng reflects YIYUNTI in the sense of hearing.

When you pronounce ‘eng’ continuously and silently, until you are pronouncing or not, it continues.

Then the state of  ‘YIYUANTI’ will appear

Appears to be empty but not, it is clear, Gnostic, and harmonious.

It’s very clean, clear, pure and transparent.

It can reflect all like a mirror.

The function of  YIYUANTI is  our  innate knowing and instinctive ability.

YIYUANTI exists everywhere and nowhere.

You use YIYUANTI all the time without noticing it.

We have YIYUANTI but we do not know about it.

Yiyuanti can do it all.

Yiyuanti knows it all.

Yiyuanti answers to all.


YIYUANTI is our master,  and it determines our life.

We are not aware of  YIYUANTI because of the distortion in our mind. 

So it is hidden.

Pronounce silently the sound ‘eng’

YIYUANTI will appear and in sublimed state.

Which will enable its natural functions of knowing, gnosis, and miraculous healing ability to appear.

This knowing and miraculous  energy combine with our bodily energy or the universal energy is called “Hun Yuan Ling Qi”.

And it is very powerful.

It penetrates all things. 

It contains all things.

No place it cannot reach.

It climbs all heights.

It melts all things.

It creates all forms.

It transforms all energies.

It generates all energies.

It breaks all things.

It opens all blockages.

It resolves all poisons.

It heals all diseases.

It grants all wishes.

It answers all questions.

It resolves all difficulties.

It solves all problems.


Yiyuanti has its miraculous effect because the body itself contains the knowing and instinct ability.

The gnosis of Yiyuanti comes from the body and the universe.

Human being is the spirit of universe.

And YIYUANTI is the highest state of development of the universe.

The highest state is within the universe.

Ling of the universe and Yiyuanti are communicable.

We talk about heaven, earth, and the human being.

Universe includes solar system, galaxy, the substance in the universe and all forms of hunyuan qi.

Earth includes all substance and its HUNYUAN Qi on the planet of the earth.

The consciousness of people is ourselves.

We have the physical body hunyuan qi.

All organs’ hunyuan qi.

Our brain cells’ hunyuan qi.

And YIYUANTI hunyuan qi.

Its nucleus is the original Ling.

When the development of the universe reaches its peak.

Until now.

There are original LING in Yiyuanti.

And it merges out from the original ‘HUNYUAN QI’.

The original LING of YIYUANTI reaches to its highest level

With original Hunyuan qi it forms a spiral shape and raises upward.

It can penetrate all substances in the universe.

And restore back to the original ‘HUNYUAN QI’.

Then we can merge ourselves into the universe.

When we talk about heave, earth and the human consciousness.

Relaxing, merging, spirit, and oneness.

No matter at what level of space-time entirety.

and all can merge, absorb, and are compatible.

the only difference is that human Yiyuanti has its initiatives.

It can merge and interact with all difference levels of hunyuan qi in the universe.

YIYUANTI also can be random or selective.

When you are connected certain type of substance, Yiyuanti will intergrade and strengthen that level of qi. 

We need to observe constantly the state of Yiyuanti when it is integrating with all the ten thousands hunyuan qi from all things.

Because YIYUANTI is compatible with all things and no matter where

YIYUANTI is able to integrate with different levels of hunyuan qi in each part of our body.

We can observe the state carefully

from YIYUANTI to human body, from human body to the earth,  from the earth to the solar system, from the solar system to the galaxy, from the galaxy to the universe.

or we can go back from the universe to the galaxy, to the solar system, to the earth, to the human body

From human body to our YIYUANTI

Repeat this process again and again.

Imagine it many times

Then our qi can connect and merge with universal hunyuan qi

Then we are in the miraculous universal qi.

And then the miraculous universal qi is within our body.

The miraculous universal qi in within our hearts.

When we talk about the entirety of the eight phrases

Body follows the head, mind control the qi.

The heaven and earth follows the human consciousness.

Relaxing, knowing, melting and oneness

Relaxing – is the integration of space-time in the universe.

Ling is the miraculous function of Yiyuanti

Melting - Yiyuanti merges with all things

Integrated into oneness with a bigger Hunyuan entirety

Therefore, we need to practice openning ourselves and merge with the universe

Allow Yiyuanti to integrate with the very fine level of qi.

It is a process of integrating to the oneness.

The integration process is to open.

We talk about relax, merging, and open.

After opening and integration, it forms a bigger hunyuan entirety

It is a relaxed, merged, integrated state

When you just simple used and observed, the state of Yiyuanti becomes the one with the Hunyuan entirety.

We call it Song, time-space entirety

When Yiyuanti is in this relax state, it is the entirety

We call it the state of “eng”

That is why after we chant “song, ling, rong, tong”, we end with “eng, eng, eng”

We can chant “song, ling, rong, hun,” and then “eng, eng, eng”

We can pronounce “eng” in shorter sound.

Especially we are not aware of the YIYUANTI

Shorter sound has a better effect.

When we are aware of the state of Yiyuanti, we can pronounce “eng, eng, eng” in a slower pace.

We can repeat “eng” many times.

 Ultimately chanting silently becomes chanting in the heart silently.

Repeat “eng, eng, eng..” many times







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