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Over the past several years a number of Western qigong friends have said they would like to travel with us to meet and practice with our qigong friends throughout China. In response, we will organise a two weeks trip again October 10th--October 24th in 2019.  you can see photos about the trip in 2011 and 2014 at http://hexju.cname01.com/gs_detail.asp? 




October 10th to October 24th (Hainan Island--Beijing )

The cost is  2100 USA Dollars

The cost is 2100 USA Dollars (based on sharing a room - a single room is an additional 400 USA Dollars). This includes all transport and meals during the trip.

The group size is a maximum of fifteen.
About Chinese visa: Citisens of any country that has trade or diplomatic relationships with China can all get a 15days landing visa on arrival in Hainan if they fly to Hainan via Hong Kong!
The trip starts in Hainan Island where we spend 10days in Hainan Island, we offer 7days retreat in our Hexianju Centre,One day travelling around Hainan Island by fast train, one day visiting Wenbifeng( Taoist Monastery); we will fly to Beijing and  practising qigong with local Beijing qigong friends in the morning and visiting Temple of Heaven, Great wall and Forbidden City during the time in Beijing.
To secure your place on the trip, a deposit of 500 $ is required no later than June. However, due to the limited number of places, you may prefer to make your payment at an earlier date.

Daily schedule

10 Oct. Arrival in Haikou airport and taxi or fast train to our Hexianju Centre.

 11 Oct  training with teacher Jianshe and teacher Zou Ping.

 12 Oct . training with teacher Jianshe and teacher Zou Ping .

 13 Oct . training with teacher Jianshe and teacher Zou Ping .

 14 Oct . training with teacher Jianshe and teacher Zou Ping .

 15 Oct . training with teacher Jianshe and teacher Zou Ping .

 16 Oct . training with teacher Jianshe and teacher Zou Ping .

 17 Oct . training with teacher Jianshe and teacher Zou Ping .

 18 Oct. Visiting Taoist Temple Wenbi Feng with teacher Bai, teacher Zou Ping.

 19 Oct  Travelling around Hainan Island by fast train with teacher Jianshe and teacher Bai.

 20 Oct. Flying to Beijing and live in the hotel which is located in the centre of Beijing.

  21 Oct. Visiting Temple of Heven and practicing qigong with local group. 

  22Oct.  Visiting Forbidden City.

  23 Oct. Visiting Great Wall and practicing qigong on Great Wall.

  24 Oct.  We are leaving to the airport of Beijing for our journey back home.

Please contact Teacher Jianshe: baiyuchan999@163.com

















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