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Travelling Retreat / Round Trip Retreat:

Hainan is the only large tropical island in China. It is located in the South China Seas and is usually referred to in Chinese as 'Beautiful Hainan and Paradise Island'.

It is here that we opened our first Qigong center in 2003.

We have organized many trips for foreign groups to travel around Hainan. We have found it very effective to practice in the beauty of nature, and inspiring to experience this in different locations. There are so many places with special Qi in Hainan!



In one location, we practiced by a water lily lake early in the morning...it was so quiet and such a pure a Qi field...The water lilies were closed and sleeping when we began our practice, and just as we do, theses beautiful lilies wake with the rising sun. At the end of practice, we found ourselves awakened in a fairytale.....As we opened our eyes to find a lake full of water lilies wide open in the sunlight.you can see photos about the trip in 2018: http://www.hexju.com/gs_detail.asp?id=500573&nowmenuid=500304&previd=0


Its easy to see why the Travelling Retreats offer such effective healing...beautiful people, beautiful nature and beautiful food are all positive Qi, which lights up our life. When our moment-to-moment experience is so full of positive Qi, there is no room for the negative!

Qigong is life, Yiyuanti is our heart, and when we live from the heart, everything is a positive experience.



May 23-June 6

Sept 27-Oct10

Oct 12-25

Nov 1-14

Dec 1-14





The cost is  1600Euros/1800USA Dollars

The cost is 1600Euros   (based on sharing a room - a single room is an additional 300Euros//350USD Dollars ). This includes all transport. qigong training and meals during the trip.

The group size is a maximum of fifteen.
About Chinese visa: Citisens of any country that has trade or diplomatic relationships with China can all get a 15days landing visa on arrival in Hainan if they fly to Hainan via Hong Kong!

The trip starts in our center. There in our center we spend  the first 6 days of the retreat. Then we offer a retreat of 3 days in Fengtang Oliva Farm. This farm is close to a water lily lake and we practice  at the lake in the early morning and at the river in the Dragon Valley in the afternoon. We offer another retreat of 3 days in Shamei Village that is surrounded by wetland and near the sea. The trip ends with the last two nights living and practicing in Wenbifeng (a Taoist Monastery)."

To secure your place on the trip, a deposit of 500 Euro/600USD Dollars  is required no later than two months early . However, due to the limited number of places, you may prefer to make your payment at an earlier date.

Please contact Teacher Jianshe: baiyuchan999@163.com















































































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